Inspired by creativity, fuelled by imagination
— Kadra Farah

We believe every child is unique, and will express themselves differently. That’s why at PSP Art Studio, there’s no right or wrong way to visually express your thoughts and sentiments. We encourage kids to embrace art as the key to confidence, independence, vibrancy, and immortal curiosity. Instead of focusing on the outcome, we inspire kids to love the journey and process.

We’re passionate about Process Led Art, and we can’t wait to make your child part of our family!


The Process?
It’s Simple

At Paper Scissors Paint, we believe that children are the leaders of tomorrow. Give them a brush, and they’ll paint a future worth imagining, exploring and creating!


Paper Scissors Paint Art Studio is a beautiful space for kids to unleash their imagination and create magic.

We encourage kids to embrace the creation process, instead of working for a ‘perfect’ outcome.

Looking for fun kids activities this fall? Check out Open Studio sessions during the week!